Ghana Oil Truck company benefit from Howen MDVR System

  Ghana Oil Truck company benefit from Howen MDVR System


        With the increasing Oil economy for Ghana Country, it has been more & more important. While regarding the operated oil truck on road everyday , which take responsible for the oil transportation, also facing the series security issue like oil stealing, wasting, vehicle abuse used ect. Now the high-tech MDVR would solve the headache.


Howen Vehicle Surveillance System For Oil truck, Ghana’s Oil Trucks project requirement as below

l   Real time tracking and remote monitoring

l   Fuel sensor detection

l   High/ low temperature

l   Harsh installation Environment

l   Auto upload event Data to Center Server


          Howen advanced vehicle system including RFID, Fuel Sensor, Fatigue Driving Alert System would be very powerful and unique solution in the market.




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