Howen MDT Run City Bus Dispatch System For Bulgaria Transportation Market

Sep 22, 2016

Howen MDT Run City Bus Dispatch System For Bulgaria Transportation Market


Bulgaria located in southeastern Europe, The road network in the country consists of limited access highways, first-class roads, second-class roads, and third-class roads. which has been well developed. With huge amounts of city bus operation everyday , the vehicle management has been the challenge. In this condition , the Modern high-technology has be the most suitable solution to realize efficient fleet management , vehicle dispatch ect.



Howen 1.5k Units MDT applied for City Bus Dispatch System

  Howen proposed its integrated solution for locating, surveillance and communication, and the external RFID for driver management, people counting sensor on board etc.

l   Industrial Designed Mobile Data Terminal

l   External Integrated RFID System

l   Passenger counting Sensor

l   Cabling components

         All components can be centrally controlled via 3G/WIFI, it will realized the application with real time tracking, dispatch, alarm alert ect;



         Howen vehicle AVL system has greatly increase the efficiency for the school bus management and help to keep the safety of students.Also with powerful RFID system , alert email sending, which will inform parents to know the real condition of their kids.

Howen Vehicle System Step Into Mexico Public transportation industry

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